Harness Manufacturing

Designing and Harness Manufacturing, looms, and assemblies for military, industrial, and medical segments. NTI Electronics’ electrical engineers handle the design and planning of the harnesses and quality control.

Harness Manufacturing

NTI’s cabling systems assembly technicians have extensive experience and follow IPC-610 and IPC-620 standards. The production of cables, harness manufacturing, and wiring products occurs at NTI Electronics’ dedicated facility in Israel.

NTI Electronics Specializes in the Following Services and Manufacturing:

  • Cabling and cabling systems
  • Harness assemblies
  • Marine cabling and harness
  • Molded cable systems
  • Communication cabling services
  • Military cabling and harness
  • Electronic communication cabling
  • Communication harness structures and cabling solutions
  • Manufacturing of harness and cables systems
  • Cables production for industry

Cable and Harness System Reverse Engineering

NTI Electronics specializes in Reverse Engineering processes for all cable and harness systems. In reverse engineering processes, NTI’s cable and harness systems experts rely on a comprehensive examination and inspection of the cable system that requires repair or replacement. Upon completion of the study, a detailed inspection report and production specification are submitted for producing a new cable system.

Locating Unique Parts and Connectors for Harnesses and Cables

NTI Electronics’ procurement department specializes in locating and purchasing unique connectors for cable systems in civilian and military fields. The company specializes in finding special connectors that are about to be discontinued (End of Life). Thus, we allow for the continued use and operation of valuable equipment by replacing and producing a new cable system.

NTI’s CRS Workshop Customized  Harness Solutions

NTI Electronics’ CRS Workshop offers professional consultation, planning, and production process of customized power supply systems based on the client’s requirements. NTI Electronics’ CRS workshop production team specializes in the planning and production of specialized power supply systems in the military and security fields. The unique customized solutions are adapted to various environmental conditions and requirements as well as:

  • Extreme temperature-resistant cable systems
  • Cable systems adapted to harsh environments
  • Cable systems suitable for variable extreme environmental conditions
  • Marine cable systems
  • Insulated cables
  • Robot cables
  • Communication and control cables

NTI Quality Assurance for Cable Products

Cable harness and wire products manufactured by NTI Electronics undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, including the Cirris CH2 tester and the proprietary software Cirris Easy-Wire. Our testing includes:

  • Voltage and continuity testing
  • Measurement testing
  • Functional testing (“Pull Test”)
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • High voltage calculated test (Hipot HV Test)

NTI Electronics Cabling, Wiring, and Harness Services for Industry, Medical, and Military

  • Engineering and design of wiring, harnessing, and cabling systems according to customer requirements
  • Manufacturing of wiring systems at all levels of complexity, length, and quantity
  • Reverse Engineering Services for harness and cabling systems and the creation of a manufacturing record
  • Implementation of IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-A-610 certified wiring and cabling teams
  • Identification and import of connectors (terminals) that are no longer produced by the manufacturer or are at end-of-life
  • Consultation, identification, procurement, and import of insulating materials for wiring systems
  • Manufacturing of wiring and cabling systems according to MIL-Standards requirements
  • Designing and manufacturing wiring systems at NTI Electronics’ site in Israel.