PCB Assembly

PCB assembly services at any level of complexity and required quantity for the customer. The company offers assembly services for all types of PCBs, both in the civilian and military sectors.

PCB Assembly

NTI Electronics offer manual and automatic SMT assembly and placement services. A professional and experienced team of certified IPC standard operators perform assembly and placement tasks at the company’s site in Israel.

NTI Electronics Specializes in Assembling the Following Types of Printed Circuit Boards (PSB)

  • Double-sided PCB
  • Rigid PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB

The main types of PCB assembly that NTI Electronics performs

  • SMT – Surface Mounting Technology
  • TH – Through Hole

NTI Electronics Operates an Automatic Surface Mount (SMT) Line

  • Accurate placement with 0.01 mm precision
  • Support for components starting from size 0201
  • Support for various packages and components, including:
    • BGA – Ball Grid Array (Active / Passive / Integrated)
    • QFN – Quad Flat No-Lead
    • SSOP – Shrink Small-Outline Package
    • QFP – Quad Flat Packaging

Conformal Coating

NTI Electronics performs a conformal coating to protect the PCBs from environmental impact and prevent potential harm to the circuit’s working quality due to corrosion, oxidation, and leakage. As needed, the coating is done manually using brushes, sprays, or immersion. Also, depending on the project, we perform partial or full conformal coating using a specialized spray.

Electronic Component Procurement

The NTI Electronics procurement department team searches for and imports electronic components and parts to Israel. Team members specialize in finding and purchasing unique electronic components, single components, and components that are no longer in production or about to stop production. NTI Electronics also offers the procurement department services to complete missing components in printed circuit board assembly projects.

Quality Control

NTI strongly emphasizes quality control processes in the production and assembly of printed circuits. To ensure this, the company performs automatic optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray testing to detect potential impacts on the final product quality.

NTI Electronics Offers the Following Services for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly

  • Assembly at their facility in Israel, according to project requirements
  • Assembly of all types of PCBs, of all levels of complexity, all kinds of enclosures, and components in any required quantity for the project
  • A highly skilled and certified team according to IPC standards for soldering work
  • SMT production line
  • Manual and machine-based conformal coating editing
  • Well-established quality control processes, including X-Ray machine inspection
  • Component sourcing and importation services for unique electronic components into Israel.