Peripheral Equipment

Quick and professional maintenance and support services for peripheral electronic equipment and computing for businesses and industries.

Peripheral Equipment

NTI Electronics Provides Repair and Maintenance Services for Peripheral Equipment as:

  • Projectors.
  • Cameras.
  • Docking stations
  • Routers.
  • Uninterruptible power suppliers.
  • NAS communication servers.
  • All other electronic equipment, hardware, and software.

NTI Electronics provides enterprises and businesses in the defense and civilian sectors with support, upgrade, installation, and operation services for all types of peripheral equipment.

Our clients are civilian and defense companies and manufacturers, technology companies, computing equipment integrators, the Israeli Police, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and more.

NTI specializes in computing system and software integration services, requiring integration between different operating systems, such as iOS, Linux, and Windows. The company specializes, as well, in integration solutions and supporting hardware/software applications.

NTI Electronics operates an array of high-quality engineers and technicians to provide quick service for repairing and maintaining computer equipment and electronic peripherals.

The NTI Electronics lab provides repair services at the component level, full availability of technicians, quality spare parts, and an extended warranty period.

Customers Special Services

NTI Electronics offers customers remote support services as a subscription to troubleshoot and maintain peripheral equipment, communication networks, and software. The subscriptions are tailored to the customer and available in the civil and defense sector. The services include ongoing maintenance and professional support for all electronic equipment, including unique and stationary equipment or equipment that cannot be transferred to the care of a dedicated laboratory of NTI, and service for computer systems.

As part of the peripheral equipment support and maintenance service, NTI Electronics provides replacement computing equipment, peripheral equipment, hardware, and software.