The Complete Solutions of NTI Electronics
About NTI
The Complete Solutions of NTI Electronics

NTI Electronics provides complete solutions for all needs and requirements in the field of electronics in one place. NTI offers various services of planning, engineering, production, integration, repair, and maintenance of electronic equipment of all types. Among others, the NTI group imports and distributes rugged industrial computers.

Innovative electronics in the defense and civil fields

NTI Group was developed based on a network of electronics engineering and repair laboratories. This allows the NTI group to set a high professional standard in providing quality and unique solutions in various electronics engineering, manufacturing, and repair fields.

Today, after more than a decade of challenging work, NTI Electronics has become a development and manufacturing company of innovative electronics in the defense and civil fields, an expert in providing turn-key solutions in the areas of planning, development, production, distribution, and maintenance of electronic products in the security, industrial and medical fields.


Our main activities

Planning and Production Department

Planning and Production Department

The department is responsible for designing, developing, and producing customized electronics for the customer’s needs, prototyping and “reverse engineering” services, production of military and civilian wiring systems, and designing and producing printed circuits (PCB). Automatic (SMT) and manual placement at the company’s factory in Petah Tikva, Israel
Electronics Repair and Maintenance Lab

Electronics Repair and Maintenance Lab

The laboratory performs repair and maintenance services for electronic devices in the military, medical and industrial fields. The department specializes in repairing laptops and tablets for institutional customers and the security industry.
Import and Distribution Department

Import and Distribution Department

The department is engaged in importing and marketing professional electronic products. One of the main activities of NTI Group is importing and distributing rugged and semi-rugged computers and tablets adapted to extreme working conditions. NTI Electronics is the official distributor of Durabook rugged devices. The company’s hardened computers and tablets are in regular use by the US military, several departments at NY and LY Police Departments, various security agencies, and many industries around the globe.
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