Computer Repair Lab

Apple computers, laptops and iPads, Microsoft Surfaces, Dell, Lenovo, and all peripheral technology equipment.

Computer Repair Lab

Computer Repair Laboratory

NTI Electronics provides high-quality and quick repair and maintenance services for personal computers, laptops, and tablets. The NTI computer repair lab performs regular repairs and maintenance for all types of computers: stationary, laptop, and tablets of leading manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft Surface, Dell, Lenovo, and more.

The NTI Electronics Computer Lab Fulfills All the Stringent Requirements and is Furnished With Top-Notch Equipment, Ensuring Superior Quality

Techs at NTI Electronics are highly skilled and have many years of experience maintaining personal computer systems, including Apple equipment, Microsoft Surfaces, and other manufacturers. NTI Electronics technicians undergo frequent professional training and are fluent in all innovations of Apple and Microsoft hardware, operating systems, and software, including Windows (Windows OS) and iOS.

The NTI’s computer and peripheral equipment repair and maintenance laboratory has available stocks of spare parts required for the repair and maintenance of advanced computer systems, laptops, and tablets of leading manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft Surface, Dell, Lenovo, etc. Frequently renewed spare parts inventory is available within NTI Electronics’ laboratory, significantly reducing lead times. High-quality spare parts ensure long-lasting and high-quality repair.

Our Customers

Among the clients of NTI Electronics Group are technology and biotech companies, leading computer systems integration groups in Israel, import and supply companies of computing systems and advanced electronic equipment, start-ups, civilian enterprises, the Ministry of Defense, and the Israeli Police.

Regular and Pre-Scheduled NTI Lab Service

As part of the repair and maintenance services, NTI’s computer laboratory offers a scheduled and regular service as part of a subscription for the entire computing and business software system. In this framework, technicians and professionals of NTI lab will accompany and arrive at the business regularly for professional computer systems and software maintenance.

With the experience and knowledge gained by NTI Electronics’ technicians and engineers, the adherence to procedures and work environment, and the compliance with mandatory international standards, the repair service laboratory of NTI provides fast, professional, and high-quality services by having a large inventory of high-quality parts for laptops, tablets, and peripheral equipment, including Apple, Microsoft Surfaces, Dell, and others.