Rugged Systems Maintenance

NTI Electronics specializes professionally and uniquely in providing component-level maintenance and repair services for rugged laptops and tablets.

Rugged Systems Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance Service for Rugged Laptops, Tablets, and Screens

The NTI Electronics laboratory performs repair and maintenance services for various rugged systems. These services are available for every type and model of the following rugged computer manufacturers:

  • Durabook (NTI Electronics is an authorized distributor of Durabook in Israel)
  • Panasonic
  • Getac
  • DT Research
  • Zebra
  • Dell

A list of standard services for the care and maintenance of hardened systems:

  • Motherboard repair on the component level
  • Screen changing
  • Batteries and chargers replacement
  • Broken case parts replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Liquid and corrosion damage repair
  • Fracture repairs
  • “Sterilization” of cameras, wireless communication components, and other components according to the customer’s request
  • Accessories and chargers marketing and selling

Durabook Official Distributing

NTI Electronics is an authorized distributor of Durabook rugged laptops and tablets. Durabook’s rugged computers and tablets are widely used by US Army Air Force units, NY and LA Police Departments, field teams of leading oil and gas companies, and rescue teams of many countries. To learn more about Durabook’s rugged devises visit our Product page.

CRS Full Turn Key Workshop

The NTI group runs a CRS Full Turn Key workshop. The workshop specializes in the design and production of new electronic devices and electromechanical systems and the design and implementation of improvements in existing electronic systems. In particular, the CRS workshop focuses on designing and producing add-ons and implementing other electronic improvements in rugged and semi-rugged electronic systems. The workshop completes the complete set-up from the electronic and mechanical planning stage, the components’ production, to the project placement in the field.