Rugged Systems Customization

NTI Electronics stands out for its ability to provide customized solutions for designing and manufacturing rugged accessories that meet Military Standards.

Rugged Systems Customization

Customized Rugged Solutions (CRS) Full Turn Key Workshop

NTI Electronics provides unique solutions for designing and manufacturing Rugged Systems Customization according to Military Standard instructions. The company has rich and proven experience making “Tailor Made” customized adjustments for rugged and semi-rugged laptops, tablets, and screens.


NTI Electronics specializes in the development and production of unique matching rugged solutions on platforms of the following manufacturers:

  • Durabook
  • Panasonic
  • Getac
  • DT Research
  • Dell

Full Turn Key Workshop


CRS (Customized Rugged Solution) is a Full Turn Key workshop by NTI  Electronics. We believe in providing solutions “from the ground up,” starting from planning the improvement system and its add-ons to the actual production. Among the systems designed and manufactured in CRS Workshop are various computer systems, industrial shielded screens, and unique integral add-ons for rugged and semi-rugged laptops and tablets. The NTI’s CRS Full Turn Key Workshop also services civil and defense-military industries.

The CRS Workshop has proven engineering capabilities, unique and adapted technical resources for designing and manufacturing improvement systems, and adapted rugged add-ons that fully meet the user’s needs in the field under extreme operating conditions. The enhancement systems for rugged and semi-rugged computing systems within the dedicated add-ons create complete interfacing and maximize the capabilities of the connected rugged computers and the end systems.

NTI Electronics’ Unique Design and Manufacturing Solutions

Design and Manufacture of Rigid Military Standard Connection Boxes (MilBox)

Design and manufacture of rigid military standard connection boxes (MilBox). The MilBox case is durable, small, and lightweight. It is fully adapted to a rugged or semi-rugged computer or tablet and its peripherals. Using MilSpec military standard connections, the MilBox interfaces with the computer or tablet, allowing the user in the field to access USB and Ethernet connections and the power switches quickly, safely, and conveniently.

Design and Manufacture of Carriers and Mount Facilities

The CRS Full Turn Key workshop by NTI Electronics specializes in designing and manufacturing customized carrying solutions for rugged and semi-rugged laptops and tablets according to military standards and can be equipped with MilSpec connectors if required. These having and assembly solutions are designed meticulously ergonomically and adapted for comfortable, efficient, and safe use during activity and in extreme field conditions.

List of Everyday Solutions for Rugged Systems Customization

  1. Consulting, planning, and implementing rugged and semi-rugged systems for the industry
  2. Supply of rugged and semi-rugged systems and peripherals
  3. Design and production of rugged and semi-rugged uniquely systems add ons
  4. Design, manufacture, and supply rigid connection boxes (MilBox) for any purpose and type of equipment
  5. Design, manufacture, and supply ergonomic carriers and mounting facilities adapted to the requirements of the field and challenging working conditions